ZNC Industries

"the artistry of hair inspired by you"

Director's Zaque and Craig are both highly trained and passionate, sharing the philosophy that ‘you’ are the most important person in the salon.

Our team have worked in some of Australia's and New Zealand's largest and most successful companies, daily meetings keep our team up to date on new products, and trends and help us work together as a team to deliver the best possible service.

We strive to maintain a professional and caring environment. This, above all else, ensures that the focus stays on you and your needs. Our main goal is to make sure you receive 5 star service from Znc Industries at all times.

Using only the very best products is another key to our success. S Factor by Tigi, BedHead by Tigi and Tigi Copyright Colour is a flexible, diverse and modern palette that ensures we accomplish amazing results . 
Their research and development is constant ,ensuring you, our most valued client, are always receiving the best these well loved brands have to offer.

At Znc Industries we strive to offer you a professional and quality service that cannot be surpassed in an environment that is relaxing and a pleasure to spend time in